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Thread: Never Saw a Snow Vehicle Like This Before!

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    Never Saw a Snow Vehicle Like This Before!

    Says it's from Michigan

    Click Here
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    Brilliant, but apparentlynot a commercial success. Pity.

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    Very neat. I wouldn't want to fall off the tractor seat while it was under speed, though.
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    I see him turning the steering wheel, but it looks like it is steered via braking. I only watched 1/2 of the video, maybe I missed it, but is there a rudder or something on there? Way cool, in my opinion, especially for the era it was built in.
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    Great for light transport. I kept waiting for a demo of it's pulling ability as the traction seems like it would be minimal. At the time and for certain locals I imagine the effort to swap drive trains could have been worth it just to haul people to town(?).
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    The video shows the vehicle pulling two sleds loaded with logs, 20,000 pounds. Unbelieveable. I wonder why someone hasn't tried the concept with today's technology?

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    i to was waiting for the pulling strength and i can attest to its power with those two loads of logs. as for the steering its like the bob cats of today you use a braking system or clutch to turn it.. to pull those two loads of logs at one time would be very difficult if possible with horses,, jonathan might have a better answer on horse power than i..neat idea and would be interesting to see how long they were around.
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    There are swamp buggies down in Florida that use the same kind of system. Funny when it is on solid ground it drives SIDEWAYS

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    several years ago i saw that same vidio right here on this forum, can't seem to find it now cause I think there was a lot more info on that thread.
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    The Germans made something similar during WWII
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	rae4.jpg 
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    The Russians too, in fact they had them in the 1970s made by Zil.

    Chrysler made some prototypes in the 1960's

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Then there was the >> Ice Challenger <<
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