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Thread: DeWalt router 611PK

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    DeWalt router 611PK

    Thinking about buying the Dewalt 611PK router (both fixed and plunge base) but am confused about PC bushings. Found one place that states the plunge base takes the bushings but the fixed base does not. Would like to hear from actual owner/user if the plunge base indeed accepts PC bushings.

    Thank you, DKT

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    Dietrich dont know or have the dewalt but doing a search i found this review and if you check the images then you can see on the fixed base the hole does not look like it will take a bushing. My guess is they trying to make this look like a palm router when its in the fixed base.

    What do you specifically have in mind to do with the router set. You may get some input if you mention your use and ask for suggestions on a suitable kit.

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    Seems logical that one of the bases would be able to take larger bits. The 1-3/16" template bushing hole is adequate for most things. Hmmm, I don't actually remember the last time I switched to the large hole base on any of my hand-held routers.
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    Just looked at mine. The fixed base doesn't have a provision for any type of bushing. Totally smooth bottom. Yes the plunge base will take PC bushings
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    As far as I'm concerned DeFalt can pack sand for buying up, and destroying Porter-Cable. Porter Cable was the only company that had some industrial power tools anymore, DeFalt discontinued all the really good stuff, and dumbed down what was left.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Southwood View Post
    Just looked at mine. The fixed base doesn't have a provision for any type of bushing. Totally smooth bottom. Yes the plunge base will take PC bushings
    Yes, thank you for your reply. That's what I wanted to know. I plan on using it with my Milescraft template routing etc. Right now I'm using the 690, but it is way too big for that type of work, so I need the PC bushings.

    Thanks, DKT

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