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Thread: Hope everyone is ok

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    Hope everyone is ok

    A lot of tornadoes went across the midwest last night. I think most of those cells went north and south of me, just a lot of wind.

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    My place is fine, but my BIL lost 3 big trees, a fence, 2 windows and he is stuck at home because 3 100+ year old trees are still over the road on either side of his house. Went over to help but there are power lines in the trees and power company still haven't made it there. There are at least 15 huge old oaks down within a block of his place. Not much damage to homes and no injuries that I know of either. Just lots of debris around.

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    We had the sirens going here for about an hour. Fortunately, the storm that produced damaging tornados at Wichita and El Dorado broke up about 10 miles South of us.


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