This thread is for two purposes.

1) I want to mention the actual bearing numbers used on the Delta 14" bandsaws such that others can get these for replacement from their local bearing supplier.

The upper wheel bearing is a 6202 bearing and there are two of them. They come in various grades with other letters to them but you want to get the ones that are sealed both sides and preferably in a manner that dont make contact with the bearings and are lubricated for life.

The lower wheel bearing is actually housed in the casting on either side so there are two of them and they are 6204, again you preferably want the sealed versions.

I have not changed many bearings in my life. So i had been in fear of doing this job. But its not difficult to get the bearings in and out. I had seen pics on the web of guys needing a puller but not in my case.

My question though has to do with the lower bearings and tightening the nut on them.

In the case of the side where the wheel goes the nut secures the wheel to the shaft and the bearing is seated and held in place by the wheel on the shaft and it presses against the metal ring of the bearing. No problems here.

On the other other side of my saw there was a pressure washer (thats the best term i can come up for it.) This is a pressed spring type washer with fancy cuts and pressings on the edges such that if inserted correctly its makes contact with the inner end of the cavity the bearing sits in and contact on the edge of the bearing ring. The nut is sized to fit on the shaft and pull the whole assembly towards the pully side.

Thing is when i first took this baby loose the nut was real tight. The bearing was not tight and the whole wheel could still turn.

Now upon returning it, if i tighten the nut which presses on the inner ring and is sized to do this, then the bearings are tightening up and making the weel hard to turn.

SO i seem to have something wrong. If i take the spring part out and just put the bearing in, keeping in mind there is another on the other side, with my hand when i push the bearing to the end of the shoulder on the shaft there is play between the bearing and the casting.

I am presuming that this is what the spring type washer was used to take up.

Typing this now i should have checked on the width of the old compared to the new ones when i did this. But that still does not tell me how tight to make the nut.

Can anyone offer advice here on this matter please?

Thanks in advance.