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Thread: A little desk

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    A little desk

    I started this thing about ten years ago and it's been put on hold a couple of times. I've finally gotten to a point where I can get it wrapped up. I just spent a little time planing down a few boards for the top. Actually, most of the top will be plywood but I needed to plane enough material to band the perimeter. Hope to finish that up along with the privacy panel and get this thing assembled this weekend.
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    Now I don't feel too bad about my unfinished projects.

    Seriously though, nice work.
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    Looking good, Roy!
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    Will be nice to see finished ........
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    Finished up and moved in last night. I still need to add a privacy panel on the back and pick up some file hangers for the file drawers but otherwise it's ready to use.
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    feels good to have finished something that had been started some time ago huh so how did you attach the divider rails between your drawers to the stiles?
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    It is nice to have this one done but I can still beat the long drawn out project by a couple of more years. I have four cherry table legs that I turned in 1989 and then we were given a nice new dinette set so the table was never finished. I plan to use them in a drop leaf side table that i hope to build later this year.

    Larry, those are attached by means of a stub tenon and mortise. kind of like this:
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