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Thread: Work is Cutting into My Shop Time

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    Work is Cutting into My Shop Time

    My current project has been suffering as I have been overloaded at work lately. Happened to out doing a microwave hop survey this morning and ended up in the Botanical Gardens in the hills over my offices. My little cave is in the black circle, center foreground. The green and brownish buildings in the upper right are residential halls where a few of our 25-odd thousand students live. The campus covers 1200 acres that we supply with wired and wireless network services. The smog is courtesy of the 90 degree weather and the inversion layer it causes in our little corner of the desert basin.
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    Gotta love it when you can get outside at work!
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    Great view (except for the smog). Despite the fact we are on the fringe of a not very nice area. We have a nice park across the street with a walking trail and a botanical garden down the street that I visit from time to time, but have to be aware of your surroundings and time of day you visit there (day is the key part ). Our maintenance dept has a jar of spent casings and lead they've picked up from various places around and on the building (what goes up, must come down somewhere).

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    The desert sand must be too hot for those microwaves. I think they usually crawl
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