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Thread: Elm (I think) Bowl

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    Elm (I think) Bowl

    Hello everyone...

    If you follow the construction forum, you know that I am just getting started in a new shop. It has been quite a while since I had some real turning time, so I decided to force it (put some other things on hold). The rusult is this bowl made from elm, I believe...

    I rough turned two blanks from the same log about a year ago, and decided to finish them this weekend. I completely finished the first one and the other just needs some final sanding and a coat or two of oil.

    Here is one of the rough bowls mounted on the lathe:

    Attachment 5881

    I retrued the tennon befor mounting.

    here it is ready for sand paper.

    Attachment 5880 Attachment 5879

    And here is the first one finished.

    Attachment 5877 Attachment 5878

    The mushrooms are another project that I did real quick with my two daughters and their friends. I just cut up four maple branches and quickly turned the mushrooms. Then set them up in the grass with some paint. They had a great time, and I did as well.

    Thanks for looking, and comments are welcome.

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    James, that looks fantastic, nice job, and them girls sure look happy too!
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    Nice job, James. That's a very pretty piece of wood, whatever kind it ends up
    being. I really like the contrast in the colors.
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