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Thread: Mini Borg a smorg

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    Mini Borg a smorg

    DIY + cinder block home... it is a concrete jungle I tell ya....Today, I start to tame the beast.

    Tools, like family, have unique personalities, and though these may not be 'essential' woodworking tools Per-Se, my shop & I have accepted them in, with open arms. Words can not begin to hammer home, my joy of these new dust makers. I hole-heartedly enjoyed going through the 'anchor's in cement' drill today. Don't know if this means I joined the rotary club, but it will sure help with the daily grind. Sorry for the puns, as most know by now, it's my angle on life. Anyways, just happy to say, these cut like a finger thru cheesecake.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Congrats! Looks like you're loaded for bear.

    Assuming, of course, we're talking about a concrete bear.
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    A few years ago our basement bathroom needed a remodel. I wanted to put in a tile shower and to do it right required that I move the drain. I went downstairs one evening with a new star drill, several chisels and a sledge hammer. 3 hours later, I had a blister the size of a half dollar on the palm of the hand that was holding the star drill and I finally got 1 hole in the concrete.

    The next day I rented a rotary hammer and 45 minutes later I had cut a trench in the floor to reposition the drain by about 2 feet.

    Rotary hammers are one of those specialized tools that you don't use often but worth their weight in platinum!

    Congratulations on your new tool!

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    Nice! I actually had to get a little bigger breaker hammer just for digging holes in the dirt around here. Bob can't go everywhere after all!
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