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Thread: dumb cabinet question

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    dumb cabinet question

    is there a standard industry height to mount a pull on a kitchen cabinet door?
    (dumb, I know, but I measured a few cabinet handles and they are all different heights from the bottom of the door frame)

    is it just what looks good to the homeowners eyes?
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    I imagine there are ergonomic guidelines but, I go for looks while taking the height of the individual into account. If I don't know who will be using something, I go just for looks.
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    My cabinets are pretty dumb too.

    For a knob, I usually look at centering on both the rail and stile (about 1 1/4 in from bottom and side). For slab doors maybe 2 inches each way.

    For a handle (two screws) I usually put it on the stile, above/below where the rail enters.

    In both cases, if something else looks better, go for the better looks.
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    I take it you are making cabinets for your own kitchen? Why not discuss it with your lady and decide on a height that is comfortable for whichever of you uses the kitchen most, or a height you both like? even if there were a standard height, you don't have to apply it to your own kitchen.

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    I went to my local Borg ang took some measurements, brought those home and made adjustments from them to how my wife and I agreed on how we wanted them placed

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    I dont think there is a right or wrong. Just as long as there all the same. What ever you/customer likes.
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    No standard for knob/or pull positioning. Put them where ever you please. I wouldn't recommend putting them at the bottom of a base door, or at the top of a wall cabinet though....
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    Yes there is a standard. It's where ever the client wants them!

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    sometimes I think I got in a bit over my head with redoing a kitchen, but I started, so Im going to do the best I can.

    I found a plastic jig I purchased a long time ago when I put knobs onto my cabinets.

    It places the handle 1.5 inches from the bottom. The stile is 2 and 7/16 inch wide, 2 inches of flat, wanting the handle centered in that 2 inch, Im using a spacer.

    Kind of crummy that such a small detail like attaching a handle consumed so much of my time.

    (I made 2 simple jigs today, 1/2 ply with holes drilled, but after drilling a few times, the hole wasnt perfect, so I scratched them both and looked for the piece of plastic.)

    good news is a few days of curing, by sunday I will be able to hang the first small section and see how it all looks. Then Ill rip out another section of faceframes and build a floor to ceiling cabinet to do the next section.
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    Sure glad those cabinets got smart & quit testing that human.
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