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    As a former techie and one fascinated with production of any sort, i have been blown away by the volumes of both iphones and ipads sold in a quarter announced by Apple in its quarterly results.
    Anyone ever stopped to think of the rate and scale of production required for 35 million iphones and 12 million ipads in a quarter.
    This is mind boggling. I am a hold out die hard anti apple clan member but i must give credit where its due.
    I also do happen to believe they got some real good tech. Its really just their controlling and invasive policies that keep me from it.

    For techies interested take a look at their financial results. They sitting on such a pile of cash they make any gov stimulus package look Micky mouse.

    MS and Google Android have their work cut out for them.

    I am in awe and totally fascinated by the new life being brought to the tech sector. Its really come of age. Imagine what Henry Ford would say if he were alive to see this level of production.

    What it must be like to be able to be a designer when you can bank of amortization numbers like 12 million in a quarter behind an idea.

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    Let me preface this by saying I've never been much of an Apple fan. I recognized that they made good computers, but they didn't fit my needs. Then a few years ago, I got an iPhone and loved it. My only real complaints were the battery life and the fact that it was so...well...Apple-like and tied into iTunes.

    Fast forward to late 2011, and I took the plunge and got a hotrod Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. Definitely a change from the iPhone. Tons of memory. Nice camera and display. Replaceable battery. Great phone...on paper. It isn't buggy, but definitely quirky. Inconsistency in the user interface from one app to the next makes it less intuitive to use. Many tasks take more steps to accomplish than on the iPhone. And that hot dual core CPU can suck a battery dry in a heartbeat.

    About a week ago, the Android went dead. AT&T is sending me a new battery in an effort to see why it won't boot up. In the meantime, I dusted off the iPhone. The camera's not as good, and the display is smaller, but everything works. Consistently. And the battery life doesn't seem so bad at all compared to the Samsung. If AT&T is able to get the Android phone working again, I'm still not sure if I'll use it.

    So I can see why Apple is selling bazillions of dollars worth of products. They work.
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    I agree with Vaughn. I don't care for the over-priced Mac computers. I don't like iTunes but do like iphone and ipad. Don't own either though. As a current Apple shareholder I will encourage all of you to go ahead and buy all their products.
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    What Henry Ford would say is "You can get it in any color as long as it's black". Oh, it comes in white too.
    "Have no fear of perfection--you'll never reach it."
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    Vaughn you absolutely right. I compared my Motorola Atrix to the Apple and can only agree with your comments. The touch screen on an Apple is just more refined.

    I really just wish all of these manufacturers would take out the bloat ware and give us a raw phone so we can put on it what we want and take off what we want and i dont want to be tied to having to have my online data go through their hands. Raleigh bicycles back in the day sold me a bicycle. It was mine. I could paint it ride it kick it drop it strip it and they had no say after my money parted my hands and entered their coffers. I simply cannot stand the element of them controlling or monitoring me. Apple Motorola Android it makes no difference.

    Having said that its my belief that the control factor Apple has is the reason their products have worked so well. They not getting their products tripped up by someone elses poor code or hardware. Kinda the way they went with their computers. Also put paid to the old clone Apples from way way back when by doing this. It cost them then but i am not sure it will ever cost them again. People seem to have given up the fight.

    Thought did occur to me today after seeing oldest sons Sony tablet which allows him to play PS? games, that Sony if they were smart given all their troubles should get into bed with Apple and give up making the hardware part and get their games onto an Apple platform. I think the very idea of trying to go it totally alone on both the hardware, operating system and software application front is not an option today and surely Blackberrys tablet fiasco has shown the market this. I would like to see how the Apple numbers breakdown globally into regions. Specifically market share in say USA, Europe, India and China.

    I aint a shareholder but Mohammad if i were you i would not let them shares out my hands. I think you on a ride with dividends for some time to come.

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    Bought my Apple stock last summer at $383, now it's at $610, it went up $50 yesterday.....need I say more?
    Please don't ask me about my other investments.
    Got an IPad in November, 2011 , my first Apple product & I'd say it's cut down on my PC usage by 75%, real happy with it.
    They are an amazing company & still selling at a relatively low PE...should I buy more?

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