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Thread: Router in TS extension .. up and running

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    Router in TS extension .. up and running

    Completed the install complete with lift and new fence. Now ready to move onto the living room tables ... all five of them. Posting to come shortly.
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    one suggestion, when using a router in a table like this for a extended period it can build up heat which can be damaging to a motor,, i would suggest you give your router some breathing holes if you have not done so already.. i know it sounds contrary to dust collection but it actually will help in the collection.. you cant draw from a partial vacuum like you can from a cross ventilation setup..
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    That's looking mighty good, Robert! Larry makes a good point about supply air for your router DC shroud. When I built a collection box under my router table, I offset a piece of ply at the top front (see images below). The router hangs more or less in the center of the box with DC pipe at the bottom back. Offset (baffle) keeps chips from flying out the front.

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    Side view of collection box.
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    I would suggest a separate fence guide system from the table-saw fence system(T-tracks in table top ) because you,ll find the system you have heavy to move & there will come a time where you'll need to cut something & your router table fence will need to be moved so you can cut it. DAMHINT!!!!
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    Larry and Bill ... excellent point on the heat. The sides of the plastic housing do not go all the way to the top. They have a 1" opening. with the dust collector on, there is a HUGE airflow thru the box/openings. Your point is well noted and I will be monitoring. Thanks for the heads up.

    Bart, I hear ya on this and may well do. I am always watching the forums/craigslist for a reasonably price Incra fence system and will jump on it when I find it. Thanks for the input.

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    Nice job. That oughta serve you well for some time.
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