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Thread: For all you camera buffs...

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    For all you camera buffs...

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    Saw that earlier... Oh MY on the price...

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    So can you see around corners with that lens?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Krager View Post
    So can you see around corners with that lens?
    Almost. At 220 degrees I'd guess you'd have to pull your elbows in when you press the shutter!
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    Well, let's see - I've got a Nikon camera..........

    ..........but I seem to be missing all those zeros on the money in my pocket!!!!!
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    I would order two of them except I'm a Canon guy.
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    That "Fish eye" lens looks as ridiculous on a camera as the 400mm f 2.5 lens looked on mine. The camera looks like an accessory to the lens instead of vice versa. I used the lens mainly for shooting road races. The loudest sound I ever heard in my life was when I was standing by the starter of a race when 31 formula cars started their engines and took off down the line on each side of me. Oh well that's another old man story.

    The fish eye pictures were a great attraction in the newspapers of the day. Pics taken in a city like NY had all of the buildings leaning in towards you at the top---like looking up at the ribs in an umbrella. The pics were definitely eye catchers.


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