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Thread: Actual 12 Gauge .............

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    Actual 12 Gauge .............

    Secret Compartment Key Ring.
    I used a 12 Gauge Gevelot Shotgun Shell with a paper casing and brass base.
    Polished the bass and applied 4 coats of lacquer using my Dipping Method.
    Removed the live primer by making it inert by wetting the gunpowder prior to pressing it out with a transfer punch, pressed in key ring holder and CA'd in SS tube for removable brass end cap. All these parts are from a Shotgun Shell Key Ring kit that I had laying around.

    Will see next month how these will go over at up coming Gun Shows.


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    I'll bet those sell well. I didn't know anyone was still making paper shotgun shells. All I've seen for years has been plastic.
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    Really neat Les !!!
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    The paper gives it a real cool look too. Very nice...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    I'll bet those sell well. I didn't know anyone was still making paper shotgun shells. All I've seen for years has been plastic.
    At least 15 for me...and they were old then! I remember red paper, and maybe black. Those should sell great Les!!
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    That is cool Les.
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