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Thread: Grizzly 6"x47" jointer. Series Model G1182. 1 H.P

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    Grizzly 6"x47" jointer. Series Model G1182. 1 H.P


    I was wondering if anyone is knows anything about this
    jointer.....It is on CL and they want 200.00 for it.I was going to get the HF
    6" jointer for 300.00........I will also get 20% off of that price...
    I really cant find any reviews for that particular jointer...

    Any help or recommendations would really help..

    Thanks very much,


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    I would go with the grizzly over the HF version even if the were the same cost. I do not have a grizzly but many here do and the seem to be good machines. I am sure some grizzly owners will chip in to verify Here is a link to a review from woodcentral

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    thank you for the reply and the review....I could not find that...the one im looking
    at has 2 wheels under the tables for adjusting instead of the handles that the
    review shows.....I think i may have to call him...

    thanks again!!

    CRAP!!!! went to call and was gone already........
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    Grizzly is a great choice. I've seen the HF version and was not really impressed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitch Mitchell View Post
    ......... went to call and was gone already........
    Bummer Mitch, I have no experience with either model, but I can add, that in our neck of the woods{I'm in Madison Heights}, if something on CL draws your eye, you best be quick to go see it. BTMT{been there missed that} myself, more times than I care to count

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    Mitch, I saw that CL add and it looked pretty good for the price. I have had and do have Grizzly products much better than HF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Niemi View Post
    I would go with the grizzly over the HF version even if the were the same cost...
    I'd go with a Grizzly model over the HF model even if it costs more. I've got the Grizzly 6" jointer with the 2 adjustment wheels (possibly the same model Mitch was looking at) and I've been happy with it for my needs. I've looked the HF jointer over in the store, and was not impressed.
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    Mitch, The add is taken down did you get it?

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