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    For Dave Hawksford‎

    A friend at work bought some military surplus rifles, he says the entire rifles were dipped in cosmoline. he wants to know what is the best way to strip the cosmoline from the wooden stocks? I guess it's quite a mess. Any help appreciated!

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    I'd start with paint thinner and move up to kerosine if that didn't work well enough.

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    IMO, Gentle heat {think hair dryer} is by far the best way to liquefy and remove cosmoline from the stock & will bleed the cosmo out from the pores of the wood. Wipe it down every 15 minutes or so, with old toweling until the weeping has stopped.

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    Dan to be honest, never stripped the stuff. Or I just can't remember right now with all the pain killers I'm taking
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    There is a company called LPS that makes a product that will remove the cosmoline withoout hurting the wood. The produce is LPS #2. For the amount of surface you got to clean(All them Rifles), I suggest getting a 5 Gallon can so you can dunk the parts. One place I know handles it is W.W.Grainger.

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    Some Mosin Nagants? I stripped a couple of mine using a clothes steamer for most of the parts, then wiped with paint thinner to finish up. "Simply green" works well too. Be sure to oil everything well after.

    If he's shooting surplus ammo, tell him to rinse the barrel after shooting with warm water to get the salt out, it will corrode the barrel.

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