Ya just had to bring up Golf.

Bein' in the sales business, I found myself on many nice AND hard to play golf courses.

During these tournaments, scrambles, and other games, they usually had two Par 5 holes marked as "longest drive"

This particular time, the first par five was "longest Drive" - I killed my drive and moved the stake out to my ball - a little over 300 yds - this WAS in my younger days. The second Par 5 was marked "shortest Drive" and the flag was about 10 yards off the tee. As I get ready to tee off I jokingly say"There ain't NO way I'm winnin' this prize!" As you have already guessed, i DID win the prize. An 80.00 Putter. The length of my drive was15 ft and didn't make it off the tee. I hit under the ball and sent it almost straight in the air. Go figure!