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Thread: A couple new old molding planes

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    A couple new old molding planes

    Got three new planes in the mail last week. Amazed to find they all run a nice molding without any tune up or honing. Must have got lucky, or the vendor is just as hooked on trying them out as I am.
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    Very nice profiles, John!

    The small ones are more difficult to obtain whenever I go looking. But they are the size I like for the smaller furniture I tend to build. Looks like the seller did you well!

    Take care, Mike
    Wenzloff & Sons Sawmakers

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    Hey those are really neat, a lot safer and quieter than a router, I'm guessing

    I see similar Japanese stuff on auction here, but they are usually in very poor condition, most need the wood part (body?) fixed or rebuilt, and often the iron is just about worn out.

    I'd love to pick some up, but the halfway decent ones usually go for top dollar.

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