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Thread: ply wood cabinets

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    ply wood cabinets

    When building plywood cabinets such as for a rolling shop cabinet. I'd like to rout a dado for shelves and partitions. What glue is best for this type of construction. Standard yellow wood glue or construction adhesive. I'm thinking I should back the joint up with screws. Comments?

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    yelo glue is fine with or without screws.
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    Yellow glue is fine Guy, I use tightbond 1 backed with 1 1/2" screws for mine

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    Yellow glue. Construction adhesive is too thick IMHO for construction other than with dimensional lumber.

    Screws are optional. That said, if my cabinet is on wheels, I add screws. If I am hanging the shop cabinet on cleats and it will get moved, it gets screws. If it is just fastened in place, then maybe no screws.

    I also plug the screw holes. It gives me practice for when I need to do it on 'real' furniture. Counterboring the hole without tearout. Cutting plugs. Aligning and matching the plug grain. Trimming the plug for a smooth final surface. Sounds like a lot of work, but practice cuts the job to size. Invaluable when the project is fine furniture and the wood is expensive.

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    Yup, yellow glue. Screws in your application are just clamps, once the glue dries the screws don't really add anything to the strength of the joint.

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