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Thread: sons kitchen updates

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    sons kitchen updates

    Im not sure if Im ready for a project such as this, but I enjoy the challenge
    Ill post up pics tomorrow of the 39 year old kitchen hes dealing with now.
    We got so far as to put in a new microwave, and tomorrow Ill install a face frame and some doors over that area.
    Im laminating 1/4 cherry ply on all cabinet ends.
    The soffit will be addressed when I finish all the top cabs under it.
    I will install raised panels, the same as the doors, on the face of the soffit, and trim it out with some molding. Most likely I will cut all my own cherry moldings, since the price of the stuff is incredible out here.

    Im going to keep a running list of expenses for everything. Everything.

    I know a kitchen of his size would run him 12-16 thousand dollars for cherry cabinets,(priced out here on LI, not including labor costs to install them) not including handles. Counter tops, well, were not up to that yet.

    So far what Ive purchased for this project(prices are rounded off to dollar)
    152 BF of cherry for 615.00(great buy for me)
    qt poly urethane-11.00
    blend pencil-4.00
    stain gallon-30.00
    wood conditioner for stain-12.00
    22 pulls-66.00
    40 hinges-72.00(purchased online)salice one piece

    Im not sure of the amount of doors Ill end up with yet. I purchased a stock item pull, and up the road Ill pick up a few more and return what I dont need.(home depot, and theres 5 home depots within 20 minutes of me)

    Im not including brads, pocket screws, glue and other inexpensive things, since I have tons of them and I dont think they amount to more than 5 dollars for the total Id use. Maybe 10-20 dollars for glue for completed project.

    Im at 810 dollars. Im going to use prefinished ply, either maple or birch when I get to the new cabs I need to build. Ill add that in. Im hoping to keep the entire refacing and new cabinets costs around 1500.

    *I purchased some transtint dye and some Target EM6000 waterbased laquer, for an attempt to spray the rest of the cabinets, but I wont include this in the price as for now, its just an experiment.
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    your gonna be busy be sure to take pictures allen!!!
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    dont have a problem taking pictures. Just remember I know Im in over my head.
    People around me think Im qualified.

    Ill post, so all the kitchen guys here know how safe they really are out there.

    In the end, my son will still love me, even if I ruin his 40 year old kitchen.
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    Allen, Who are you trying to convince you're not up to the task? You or us?

    We've seen your work before. We know what you are capable of.

    This is well within that you've done before. I'm sure you won't be ruining anything. I'm also sure it's going to turnout great.
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    I think you will do a fine job Allen. Your boy is getting a super deal.

    Just athought i had when you mention buying the finish, any chance you can do the finishing as in spray finish over at your sons place. At least there you wont have your NN to concern you and getting the cabs over there without finish would at least remove worring about the finish getting damaged. Naturally you still have to be careful transporting them but you would still be at the sanding recovery stage if you got an acccidental incident. Anyhow just a thought. His neighbors would not get chance to complain given its a once off project.

    Looking forward to the pics.

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    cant get into his garage.
    hes got so much stuff in there, impossible.

    Im spraying. Ill keep the door open and see how it goes.
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    note-my son is a very unorganized person. In his business life, he is meticulous, but his kitchen cabinets are a mess, and me moving everying around didnt help the mess.

    I got the first few doors in with frames this morning, with no problems.

    First 2 pictures, the spacer next to the stove, oak, then the new cherry. Unfortunately, he hasnt removed all the old tiles, so I realized I might have to make another spacer, or just a piece of trim molding to cover the extra 1/4 gap there will be when the tile is gone. Ill wait and see.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	kitchen reface 001 (Medium).jpg 
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ID:	67129Click image for larger version. 

Name:	kitchen reface 009 (Medium).jpg 
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ID:	67136

    next picture, I wanted to build out the side of the cabinet so I could adequately support the new shelf above microwave.Ofcourse, the back wall holds the weight, the top shelf just screws it in place. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	kitchen reface 002 (Medium).jpg 
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Size:	45.5 KB 
ID:	67130

    next, the cabinet sides are oak ply, so I lightly sanded it down, applied glue,and laminated a piece of 1/4 cherry ply.
    I didnt get a shot after I installed the cherry ply, but I built the face frame 1/4 inch wider on that side to cover the ply edge.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	kitchen reface 004 (Medium).jpg 
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Size:	47.3 KB 
ID:	67131

    the empty wall with the clock, thats going to be cut halfway so we can build a counter(breakfast nook) into the dining area and I will make stools to go under it.the rest of the wall with have new cabs and the fridge will be moved over to that area(the other blank wall)Click image for larger version. 

Name:	kitchen reface 008 (Medium).jpg 
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ID:	67133

    next pic, what the new frames and doors look like. Didnt get as much blotchiness, but still got some. Pretreated all the wood this time, I just guess cherry will be cherry, at least for me.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	kitchen reface 010 (Medium).jpg 
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ID:	67134

    since the inside of the cabs under the microwave extending a bit over 4 inches, I laminated 1/4 cherry ply over the oak ply, but the edge was going to show, so I made some small roundover molding, and it seems to look fine, no ply edges showing.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	kitchen reface 012 (Medium).jpg 
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ID:	67135

    last pic, where the fridge is now, its going to the wall right side of clock wall. Im going to build a huge pantry closet there, floor to soffit, with 4 doors. Since the pantry cab wont be as deep as the counter, Im going to make the face frame an inch wider so the doors can open freely without hitting the counter top or cabs next to it. I noticed in my new kitchen, they put a spacer in there, but Ill just build an inch into the face frame, same difference I figured.(I had to check to make sure we can run a water line under the floor for the fridge icemaker, all is good, easy enough, the floor joists are above the dropped ceiling in the basement.)

    just wanted to mention. The cabinets are old, but theres nothing wrong with them so I decided to save time and money and just make new frames and doors for them. Im going to have to build new cabs for 2 walls, but the blank walls and straight. The soffit walls, wow, the soffit dips 1/2 inch from front to back.
    I know Id have nothing but headaches, so I went the cheap easier way.

    Hopefully, the window guy will install the new window this week, and my son will put in the new spots above the window so I can finish in that area when I do the left side cabs on top.

    the cabinet next to the stove left, thats where we intend to put a new dishwasher, just want the plumber to take a look before we take it apart to fit a dishwasher.(thes the cabinet lower right of sink)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails kitchen reface 006 (Medium).jpg   kitchen reface 016 (Medium).jpg  
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    Looks like you're moving along fine, Allen. You'll get 'er done!!!
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    we might have a problem.
    to the left of the stove, is one cabinet and then the sink.
    In order to install a dishwasher, we need some sort of support to hold the countertop.(there will not be a cabinet on both sides. There is one cabinet, then the side wall and then the stove.)
    Im thinking after we take out/cut out the base cabinet, only one side, we can build a frame and secure it to the back wall and floor.(I believe we have 2-3 inches to play with to get the 24 inch width needed)
    I thought about just ripping out the entire sink section bottoms and moving the sink over 6-8 inches to the left then it will not be centered under the window or the rest of the upper left cabinets.
    Not sure where were going with this. This kitchen wasnt built thinking about installing a dishwasher.
    the only other choice is probably going with a smaller than standard dishwasher and then putting in a small narrow cabinet between stove and right of dishwasher.

    this is all piece work. I cant tell how long or when I can get it all done and I certainly dont have the room to rebuild all the cabinets and keep them somewhere and then install it all at once.
    I cant shut down his kitchen, he still needs to use it. A few days yes, but not for months while I redo them.
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    If I read this right. You could build a 2x2 wall. Add a stile/filler to match cabinets complete with kick and a nailer for the back.
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