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Thread: Birkenstock plane

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    Birkenstock plane

    I mentioned earlier that I'm taking a hand tools class at the local community college. Mid term was to make a plane. Here's mine.

    The sole is bloodwood, top is hard maple, blade by Hock. Sole has a few coats of paste wax, top has a couple of light coats. Its 14 inches long. Works pretty well, but I still need to tune the wedge and the retaining pin to improve the tightness of the fit.

    The reason for the weird shape is that I tried to make it ergonomic, to fit my hands. The other students kidded me about my 'birkenstock plane." It does fit like a glove - literally. .

    By the way, I don't usually plane on my MFT, but the bench is too crowded. Gotta clean shop today
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    Very nice, Jesse.

    One of these days I will need to build another plane. My first was OK, but not an exceptional user.

    Take care, Mike
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    Jesse, that looks VERY nice, I hope you get it tuned up to your satifsaction and you get years of use out of it!
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    Good work Jess. I'll have to see if mom has some Birke buckles around somewhere. You could strap it to your hands!

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    Richard Smith Guest
    Nice job! I wish our local college offered classes like that.

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    Alan DuBoff is offline Former Member (by the member's request)
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    Looks very ergo, I like it.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Looks great Jesse

    One of these days, time permitting, I want to attempt making one, two, or----------------------

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    i like it too! nice job jesse.
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    Jesse, your plane looks great. Sounds like the class is a lot of fun also. What are you building for the final project?
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    The plane looks great. Making it ergo style is also the way to go. For something like a plane you want it to feel comfortable. James Krenov made his planes and talked about making them ergonomically in one of his books.

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