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Thread: Building a workbench enhancing the one you got or selecting a new vise????

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    Building a workbench enhancing the one you got or selecting a new vise????

    I got given a copy today of FineWoodworkings special publication in the series "Best of...

    THis one is "Best of Workbenches" and i can only highly recommend it for all to read, even if you have a good workbench already with a good vise.

    There are things in this that you sure will get some use out of I believe.

    Its got loads of pics and tidbits of info not just about a workbench solution of which there are several but also about bits and pieces related to working on one. Rack price here seems to be around $10.99 online you can pick it up for $7.99.

    I have become pretty selective in my magazine buys for the past 2 years but this one is a keeper plus it did not cost me a cent.

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    I bought that book at Lowes. You're right, it's a great book.
    I've been planning to refurb my workbench. The book is a great inspiration.

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    I agree, that's a good little book. I have no need to build a new bench, but I got the book because there are some great ideas for work holding accessories.

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