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Thread: This lady i got to meet. :) She believes exactly what i do.

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    This lady i got to meet. :) She believes exactly what i do.

    Seeing its my birthday and i been told to behave by loml. i will keep this short.

    But this lady has a message and it needs propagating.

    In the course of my life i have been lucky and fortunate to visit many parts of our world. There is nothing more upsetting that going to areas where you see large manufacturing plants closed.

    The most rewarding thing one can do is be involved in taking work to places like that. You aint experienced anything until the "Workers Party and labor Union" thank you for your efforts.

    This goes for factories i have been to in Malaysia, China, Scotland, most of Eastern Europe and yes even North America.

    What struck me though in all these places is attitude, of people and the methods being used.

    The shop floor were totally accepting of it as a "fait accompli" and in most cases saw it as invetiable.

    But what is a bigger killer to any of this is when the powers that be start to accept the very idea that Manufacturing is dead in North America and start propagating it.

    This lady is trying to offset that. Its a start.

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    She's kinda sexy herself, eh? She is right about at least one thing, and that is that leaders, from chairmen of the board to parents, insist on continuing to do the things that don't work. Everything we do could benefit from trying a new approach.

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