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Thread: Stu's Box

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    Stu's Box

    Now that I know it has safely arrived I will post a picture of a box I turned from some red keyaki that Stu Ablett sent me. It is a fabulous wood to turn as it cuts, sands and finishes beautifully.

    Stu gave the box to his wife and says she is thrilled with it. Makes me very happy to hear such reports.

    The box finished up at approximately 2" tall and 3" in diameter as I recall. I guess I failed to measure it when I finished as I don't have a record of its size. Maybe Stu can provide that for me.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That's a classic Stafford box, Mike. Beautiful work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Stafford View Post
    ... I guess I failed to measure it when I finished as I don't have a record of its size. Maybe Stu can provide that for me.
    Yeah, but if Stu measures it, you're gonna have to convert from Japanese inches to US inches. What a pain.
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    Yep, I could spot a Stafford box a mile away.

    Great work.
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    Great box and gift!
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    Well done sir!

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    Thank you again Mike, it is a wonderful piece, and Emiko just loves it! I'll see if I can get it away from her long enough to measure it, and I'll use centimeters, like the rest of the world does
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    Very nice!


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