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Thread: Twisted light bulbs:(

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    Twisted light bulbs:(

    ok is it just me or has others found that these new twisted light bulbs with the heay porcelian ends on them not go deep enough to make contact in the existing lights...? and if so how do we fix it? grind off the porcleian andhope you dont get the bulb or id there a insert to fix the light socket.. went threw 4 twisted lights and got two that worked in the light that had the old style bulb in it..
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    there is a government solution to that problem larry, a special, conductive insert....
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    I'd return and find another brand, the manufacturers need to correct that in their products.

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    Maybe it's not the light bulb that's twisted!
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    I've found halogen flood bulbs fit in most fixtures, but they are not practical for all applications.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Wright View Post
    I'd return and find another brand, the manufacturers need to correct that in their products.
    The main makers tend to declare the profile and suitability of these guys. The early ones were all fat at the bottom and would fail to fit many fixtures that were not purely utilitarian. Twisty bulbs now come in direct replacement shapes for smaller 40 and 60 watt incandescent style as well as the larger style. I had to try a couple of times before I; 1. Realized there were different profiles and 2. Remembered to take the original lamp with me for comparison. I haven't had a bulb that wasn't a twisty in the house for years. The 5 in the master bedroom ceiling fan are the ones I put in on the day I moved in over 6 years ago. The cheap-o versions last a few months. The quality ones last several years.
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    You can put a small drop of solder on the tip in the center of the lamp. That will extend it to make it touch. However, I would not do that. I would return the lamp and get one that will work.

    Glenn is right on one part, take a lamp that will fit with you when you purchase new units. He has better luck than I do with the longevity of the lamps. My guess is that the voltage level is more consistent where he lives. I have even had GE and Sylvania curly lamps die in two or three months. Just remember, you are profit, the people selling the lamps to the stores are cost---the store can yell at the lamp distribuitor but they have to be nice to you Mr. Profit.


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    My wife loves the curly lamps. I detest them. They don't seem to work as well in cold temps.

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    Ken i agree with you. Initially i was sold on them. But their life aint what was claimed and i have been through several makes.
    Were i a billionaire i would hire a lab to do some evaluation on these lamp bulbs. I wonder about the whole pitch they have behind them.

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    Our TV room has ceiling fixtures that are on a dimmer switch. There are four of them and they are what we use in evenings watching the tube. The bulbs are incandescent and used to last about two years before needing replacement. Now, with Chinese made incandescents the only things we can buy here they last only a couple weeks. I'm really getting But, I don't know what to do about it.
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