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Thread: Just passed the plumbing inspection...

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    Just passed the plumbing inspection...

    Two down, now just got to get through framing and I'm heading to town to buy 100 sheets of drywall.

    How much does a sheet weigh anyhow?

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    Congratulations John, though it sounds like a good news/bad news story

    I'll bet you will know exactly what a sheet of drywall weighs by the time you are finished

    I always tell myself "Next drywall project, I'm going to rent a drywall hoist." but then I get cheap

    Don't forget to take lots of pics before the drywall goes up. I go back and look at mine often to see where the electric and the gas line really is. before I drill into a wall.
    Don't believe everything you think!

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    8' ones are not bad, but the 12' ones, ouch, heavy!

    Have you seen this little dohicky..........

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	drywall_jack.jpg 
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    Drywall Jack

    Lee Valley sells them, lots of other places too I bet.

    Make a not fun job a lot easier.

    Good luck!
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Somewhere around 70-80 pounds?

    About as heavy as a 3/4 sheet of PB, which is 90 pounds.

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    That's an important milestone John. Congratulations!

    I certainly don't envy you the drywalling job. I almost always find alternatives to drywall.
    Cheers, Frank

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    bummer man..........the drywall`s all going on the lid isn`t it?
    kinda dificult to tack drywall to bales .......if you can swing it a lift is worth its weight in gold! congratulations on passing both inspections....tod
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    80 #? I was afraid of that, they're obviously heavy, but I never tried weighing one. My truck's GVW is around 15000, and with its tired old 318, I don't like to climb out of Albuquerque with more than 6000 on it. May have to head down to Roswell instead, or just make two trips and buy the additional 40 gallons of gas.

    Funny you should metion alternatives Frank, I wanted to use wire lath and imperial plaster, but it would add about 30% to the cost. There's rumored to be a drywall jack around here somewhere that makes the rounds from one project to the next, guess I better go find out who to ask for a favor.

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    Hey Stu, I've got to post a pic of my favorite drywall tool (actually a stud finder). Its a little green thing with a needle in a spring loaded sleeve. You just poke along til you hit the stud, and the holes are small enough to just paint over. I mention it because its got Japanese labels (as far as I know), so I wonder if you see them around.


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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Harbor Freight had drywall lifts on sale for less than $200.00 last month.
    I have no idea how good they are

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    Framing too!

    Got to install a bit of fireblocking and find out what the nail pattern for some doubled up trusses should be (the sound you hear is teeth grinding at the truss manufacturer who left that info out of the plans), but it was a smooth easy inspection. Time to drywall! (I need a smilie here of a little guy being squashed by the sheet of drywall he's carrying)

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