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Thread: Fly Fishing in Baghdad

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    Fly Fishing in Baghdad

    When life hands you lemons...|Frontpage|p

    And the club's website: Fish Pictures.htm

    Not a lot of places where you can go fly fishing with an M-16 slung over your shoulder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    ...........Not a lot of places where you can go fly fishing with an M-16 slung over your shoulder.
    I beg to differ I wouldn't try to stop someone

    Awesome story, Thanks!

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    That's really cool
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    now there is a Die hard Fisherman great story
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    Very cool Vaughn thanks for sharing that. I am a flyfisherman myself when i get the opportunity.

    The story did bring back some pleasant memories to me though of my time in the military back in SA as a youngster.

    Each wednesday afternoon in our military back then, was considered "Sports Parade". You got to go play golf if you were a golfer or volleyball, rugby, soccer etc. If you never had a sport interest you got to do chicken parade picking up cigarret butts.

    Anyhow when i got sent to the bush, we were stationed at very close to a dam wall on a white elephant dam that could never be filled for all sorts of reasons. The river we were on had tiger fish in it. Given the nature of my duties and the fact that the Seargent Major was a fisherman and had his mini at the camp, him and i would frequently be down below the dam wall catching tiger fish on light tackle. What a delight. You forgot all about the rest of the world doing that.

    One particular time i remember, when we first set up this bush base, we had been given a ration "order book" that allowed us to basically pull into a town go to a butcher and hand him an order for meat. Dept of defense would pick up the tab.

    Well no one ever told us there was a budget. So next month after a month of eating like kings we had the book taken away, then to get us in line financially we were shipped our rations. Well we had to live on dog biscuits and condense milk for a month. Thats when fishing became a camp mission and we fished for food. Tiger fish were actually on our menu but the bones made it really really tough going. Not really an eating fish.

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