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Thread: Sunday surfing...

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    Sunday surfing...

    Hope some are new to you......:

    Exotic wooden bathtubs >

    Wooden AirPlane >

    Wooden Mirror >

    Wooden sculpture 'WALL-E' >

    Japanese wooden supercar >

    Byholma: The world’s largest deposit of timber >

    Metropol Parasol - The World’s Largest Wooden Structure >

    The Mind-Blowing Wood-Carved Paintings of Kronid Gogolev >

    The Wooden World of Levi van Veluw >

    Building the 'splinter' wooden supercar >

    The "Book of World Records - 2010" listed it {the Superior Dome} as the fifth-largest dome and largest wooden dome in the world.

    two more while I'm at it...

    One for Dave, our wolf hugging artist >

    and for Brent & 'Bob' >

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    Cool stuff Ken

    I gotta get one of these Bobcats
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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