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Thread: Planning for the Spain Tour de Wood for 2013

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    Planning for the Spain Tour de Wood for 2013

    Well, while Larry has temporarily shelved his traveling ambassador duties, I thought some long range planning was in order.

    Today I went to the post office and applied for a passport. The objective is a visit to Toni next year. Piggy bank is ready for a steady diet. Piggy will not gorge, just enjoy snacking often. Can't afford piggy gorging, but I think piggy snacks are in the budget. Aiming at late summer next year. Toni can advise with regard to best travel rate times. I got dibs on the 200 year old bed!

    Any traveling companion takers?

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    well carol, last i heard he was headed this way this summer???
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    Larry, Carol is looking at the following summer (2013).

    Sounds like a fun trip, Carol.
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    Sounds like a great trip and experience, would love to join, but probably won't be in my budget.

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    if anyone decides to take off from NY, Im 10 minutes from Jfk airport if you need a lift to stay anywhere if youre hanging out in NY for a day or two.
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    Well, Carol. All I can say is if that comes to pass, you will be truly blessed. Debbie and I were the recipients of Toni's truly incredible hospitality and tour guide skills in Barcelona in 2010, followed by a wonderful evening with him and Marisol at their home. What great people and a beautiful city!

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