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Thread: Harbor Freight Coupon

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    Harbor Freight Coupon

    Does anyone have a printable 20% off coupon for Harbor Freight? I am going to buy a miter saw and would like to be able to get a discount.


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    Those coupons are in nearly every magazine - from Parade to Good Housekeeping, and all the woodworking mags. Finding one shouldn't be too hard.
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    the hf near me has a bin at the front door with circulars in it that are in the local papers and they always have a 20 percent off on it, plus the free pair of scissors or penlight


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    I usually keep 4 or 5 in my wallet just in case .
    If you can't find any I'll be happy to mail you one.

    I'm not sure of the quality of the HF miter saw but they sure sell them inexpensively. Maybe try out Craigs List first to see if you can find a high quality machine cheap
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    Sign up at H/F online and you will get them plus more in your e-mail. Might help in the future.
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    Thanks guys for the info.

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