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Thread: Switch Wiring

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    Switch Wiring

    My switch on my TS has finally bit the dust. I have a replacement ready but I want to confirm the wiring on it as I am so prone to making the kind of mistakes where I'm left scratching my head after blowing the motor or something like that.

    Below are some photos.

    Obviously if I use it for single phase then I use two terminals each side and for three phase three on each side. But what about the ground wires? Do I have to find a grounding terminal separate from the switch? And is it the black wires that go on the load side?

    This is the new replacement. Made for Woodtech (

    Single or three phase.

    The terminals. Says LOAD on one side (bottom left of terminals).

    The old switch.

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    You never break the ground, just the hot and maybe the neutral. The motor goes on one side of the switch "Load" and the in comming line on the other side "Line".
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    Bob is correct. I'd probably connect the two ground terminals together under one of the metal mounting bracket screws on either side.

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    Yes, Other Bob is correct. I would also check in the motor junction box that the ground wire in there is screwed to the metal frame of the motor.


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    Thanks guys, that was just the clarification I needed. Switch now wired and operational.

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