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Thread: Pepper or Salt mills

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    Pepper or Salt mills

    When you guys make either the Pepper or Salt mill do you treat the inside of the mill with some kind of oil or whatever? Or just clean it out real well?

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    On the ones I've made, I either left the inside bare or hit it with shellac. I don't think using any kind of oil would be a good idea unless it was a hardening oil that was fully cured.
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    I leave almost all of mine bare... I just run a large bottle brush through the hole to clean the dust out... I do hit the inside of the spalted woods with something because people get funny if you tell them the spalting is from a fungus.... funny thing is the spalted mills are the first to sell... go figure.
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    Generally I will hit it with shellac on the inside of mine. Couple of coats works just fine.
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    Always manufacturer of mill or grind parts suggests the use of anything on the inside. Take care to use a wood that doesn't stink or can cause allergic reactions.
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    I always coat the inside of mine with shellac. Very quick to put a totally safe coating between the wood and the peppercorns or salt. Customers seem to like the idea.
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