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Thread: Friday 5/11 Edition

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    Friday 5/11 Edition

    Friday again, almost mid month already. So what's going on in your neighborhood?

    Me, shop time, hearing it is about time to start in the hay fields for the year. Dang weather has everything messed up. Oh, also meeting some guys from school for lunch today. New Boston may never be the same.

    Also need to work on this when time permits.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    most shop time spent this afternoon or tomorrow will be applying finish.
    saturday night, RANGERS, hoping they get the last spot......still dont know if they deserve it, but lets go rangers.
    sunday, the entire day is devoted to all the moms coming over to spend the day with us.
    probably bbq if the weather is nice.
    nice purchase steve! did they give you a free dust blade guard?
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    Our master bathroom remodel is moving along. The contractor will do the skim coat on the drywall today along with some flooring, etc. HVAC will be here first thing to move a register and add one. I'll do my best to stay out of the way. I've been cleaning the vanity doors and drawer fronts and wiping a little finish on them.

    I might get a little shop time Saturday. LOML is planning a short shopping trip with a neighbor. Then, I'll settle in for the Darlington race.

    Sunday should be a full day of relaxation. I'll prepare brunch as usual. Later, I'll whip up something special for LOML since it's Mother's Day. I'm thinking thick-cut pork chops with crab and mushroom stuffing, a baked potato, and grilled zuchini. Yum!

    Congratulations on your saw, Steve!
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    Now Steve congrats I have not checked yet if there is a thread on this new arrival but what a sneaky gloat if there aint one. SO the Rigid has been sent to the happy tool graveyard in the sky Eh? How you managing to leave a box like that unwrapped overnight.?

    This weekend i hope to finish up some mods to my machines and get em posted. Lots of house work to do and arrrggg painting. End of May is approaching fast and thats a milestone deadline for us.

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    More yard & garden work...I'm dig'in it

    Congrats on the addition Steve!

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    Yard work, yard work, softball game, BBQ, beer and rest.

    Nice little gloat there Steve!
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    Heading out this AM with my nephew to buy some metal. He is going to make me a nice rack for the top of my PU canopy to carry kayaks on. Then I'll work on the kayak I'm building him for the work he is doing for me. Got a wedding reception to attend, darn! Messes up an afternoon. Sunday I will try to keep my kids Mother happy as she waits hoping they at least call. They are to far away and per-occupied to come. Kids!

    Ya, Steve, sneaky gloat! Congrats! How do you wait tog get it un-boxed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Southwood View Post
    Also need to work on this when time permits.

    Wow what restraint! You are able to take the time to take a photo before tearing the box open. You are a better man than me, Steve.
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    Meetings, meetings, meetings. Not gonna be one of my favorite weekends. (:

    Nice, Steve. So you took the pic as soon as they dropped off the saw and you are already making sawdust with it, right? Just funnin' with us a bit, right? Com'on, nobody waits to open that box, right?

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    Farm work, yard work, carpentry work, everywhere I look. Might be a little fencing to do too, the old horses took themselves for a walk last evening. Luckily, they're set in their ways.
    Mother's Day feasting and company coming from MT
    And, the sun's out again with the whole valley in bloom. Beautiful.

    Nice new toy Steve.

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