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Thread: Bearings on router bits

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    Bearings on router bits

    I have a router bit (panel raising) with a bearing. If I take the bearing off I gain another 1/8 inch of depth (or reach). Is this safe?


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    Two things. If you remove the bearing you do not gain "cutting" depth, so I cannot envision what your purpose is. What are you trying to reach?

    Second, is it safe? The purpose of the bearing is to guide the cutter. If you are using another guide, like a fence, you do not compromise safety.

    Another thought. No guide at all will yield an impossible to control cut.

    So what are you up to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    So what are you up to?
    After I posted my question I realized that I worded it very poorly, I apologize. First of all I use a router table with a fence, so the fence will control my cutter. Second it is not depth that I want to gain but the length of the reveal. The panel raising bit is 1 5/8 inches in diameter, the bearing is 1/2 inch so that the reveal is at most 9/16 wide. If I take the bearing off I can gain approximately 1/16 on the reveal (I didn't measure this, just eye-balled it). No, I don't want to buy a larger bit because I'm using my trusty old PC 690 in my table.

    Thank you for your reply, DKT

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