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Thread: People have no respect any more

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    People have no respect any more

    This is priceless, he is to be commended

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    I agree Charles.
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    People just didn't know the rules or weren't' adhering to them. The guard got the point across!

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    We'll be headed out that way later this year. Sharons Dad is getting interred with the full treatment, and we'll be spending the weekend sightseeing around the area. hoping to get a look at the TOTUS. I'll be sure to show the appropriate respect.
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    I've ridden with the Patriot Guard onto the ANC and it was an experance to stand guard at a service of a fallen hero there.

    Brent will you be coming to Arlington ? If the Patriot Guard is ask let me know.
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    Having the guard break his silence certainly got the people to quiet down. Well done soldier

    Reminded me of the "Highway of Heros" in Canada. If you haven't seen the video, it is very moving - we should do the same here in the USA:
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    That was fantastic Matt. Choked me up a bit.
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