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Thread: New vise from Lee Valley

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    New vise from Lee Valley

    Occasionally i check the whats new section of woodworking at Lee Valley.

    After Bill posted the news on those new chisels i thought i better check to see what else has been released

    Well check this out for innovation.

    A new vise that makes use of pipe clamp technology but very innovative in my opinion.

    I see that they have patented the idea good for them. The applications for this baby are endless especially if you check out the ability to operate the release by foot pedal.

    There is a bunch of new stuff they have brought out since i last had a look. Something they have addressed is a nice large and accurate flat square.

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    That vise is pretty sweet.
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    Speaking of new LVT stuff....

    I bought the new "special buy" flexzilla hose a couple weeks ago, and I have to say I do think it is a lot more soft/flexible than the red thing that came in my PC Pancake compressor kit a few years ago. A lot easier to coil up and hang away after the job. Sweet price too.
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    That is a very interesting looking vise. I wonder how much slop it has.

    I have been unhappy with the approximately $180 vise I have now:
    One side closes a bit sooner than the other so there are many times that objects are not held well. It is off enough that I cannot just tighten the vise more. I am going to have to give up and plane one of the jaws slightly off of parallel to compensate.
    The quick release is more often a slow release. It releases by turning the handle back 1 1/2 turns. If you are pulling the jaws apart and you pause, you have to turn the handle back 1 1/2 turns again. Most of the time I have to screw the jaws in the closed direction---the release does not work too well when closing the jaws. If you use the release to pull the jaws apart and you over shoot, or want to go to close mode, you have to turn the handle backwards again---and even then you will probably end up screwing all of the way instead of "Quick."

    It is my own darn fault. I should have returned it. Hopefully this has removed all of the bitchyness from my body for the rest of the year.


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