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Thread: For Chuck's next shutter/window stripping job...

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    For Chuck's next shutter/window stripping job...

    I was watching an episode of This Old House tonight and they went to the Window Woman of New England's shop as she was restoring their windows. Rather than using chemicals to strip the windows, they were using a steam box that looked much like a commercial pizza oven. A quick google and I found the company that manufactures them.

    They put the window pane in for about 15 minutes, then took it to a table and the glazing and paint pealed right off using a couple of scrapers.

    They had the full TOH episode on their site for watching/downloading here:

    Go to about 12:16 to catch the window restoration tour.

    For bedding the glass in new glazing, they laid down the glazing compound, set the glass on, then rather than pushing it in, they used a palm sander (about 18:10 of the video) with a towel wrapped around the base and vibrated and pushed on the glass to bed it.
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    Thanks for sharing the link and article Darren. I really enjoyed it. Learnt a great deal.:thumbup:

    Very neat to see the whole process. Replace the wood with steel and you got the kind of window frame we had back in SA.
    Have done my fair share of glazing withputty. That palm sander is such a neat trick.

    As much as i am all for restoration i am struggling to understand how you can put a window like this back in a place situated in Boston. I mean single pain how does this work out. Must cost a fortune in heating bills.

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