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Thread: another chair, but a great little weekend project

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    another chair, but a great little weekend project

    somewhere on here I offered plans of a childrens adirondack chair.
    I was waiting for the wipe on poly to dry on the doors today, so I decided to clean out the top of the garage and toss all the old twisted and warped pressure treated.
    I thought I might have enough for something, and I took out my plan, and timed this build, from first cut to final assembly.
    I used the band saw for curved cuts,(ts and mitre) for most cuts, just free handed the curves,(I have a template for the front rail)
    routed over all the edges, then sanded orbital sander 80 grit.
    From start to finish it took me 3 hours 5 minutes, without cleaning up. I spent another 5 minutes picking up pieces and blowing off dust.

    I know Ive shown these little chairs before, but it is the season, and Im sure anyone here can make these chairs, 4 of them, over a weekend, nice little gifts.
    Cost is approx 10.00 each if you have to buy the pressure treated. Add on a few screws(deck or stainless), and the glue.

    worked out good, wipe on dried, time to put another coat on.
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    Ah, "The Machine" Levine is back at it. Many of us would still be sorting through the boards after three hours.
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    I've got your plans but haven't made any yet.

    Do you take any time to sleep
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