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Thread: Lee Valley Tongue & groove is live

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    Lee Valley Tongue & groove is live

    Hoo boy, I'm going to have to decide what widths I want, I'd like them all but.. logic and sanity says no no no. I wouldn't even be tempted by any if I didn't already have the plane (its pretty sweet really, I was using my Dads old plow a couple years back and decided having one would be nice and ~5months of looking used.. no deal so... got it about a 18 months ago).

    I'm not sure how easy it would be to use with a 3/4 blade anyway, its pretty light so may lack sufficient heft. Yeah I'll just keep telling myself that.

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    Ryan, I also have the LV plow plane (RH), but am not seeing the value of the tongue and groove attachment or the wide chisel blades. I like the plow plane set up for performing the small grooves which it was made for. Maybe I am the odd duck here, considering all the excitement over at Woodnet over the attachments. I prefer having a dedicated rabbet (or moving fillister) and tongue and groove plane so I don't have to mess with switching out a conversion kit in order to use the plane in its various new functions.
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