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Thread: Morning Glory on Trellis Marquetry

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    Morning Glory on Trellis Marquetry

    Here's a couple of marquetry panels I'm working on right now. I'll cut them to size, add some banding and a border, and glue them to a substrate - then finish. So there's still a lot of work to do yet.

    This was a "difficult" project. I did three revisions of the design, so just the drawing phase took quite a while. Then I had to figure out what veneers to use (color, figure, etc.). I went through several combinations before deciding on the wenge for the background. It was moderately difficult to cut out and difficult to put together. Most of the time, you're fitting the design elements into the background so you have some guidance as to where things go. On this one, all I had was a bunch of pieces after I was finished cutting it out. You start the assembly of a panel like this in the middle. But when you get to the outside, you can find that pieces won't fit, or will have big gaps. It's the problem of "cumulative error."

    The two panels were cut out at the same time. That is, sufficient veneer was stacked to be able to make two panels. The only real difference between the two is the wood used for the trellis. I used a light wood (actually bleached) on one and oak on the other (which one do you prefer?). The background is wenge and will finish fairly dark.

    One panel will be used on the tray table project I'm working on right now (about five tray tables, all with a different design) and I'll use the other panel to make a serving tray.

    Anyway, it'll be a while before I can finish things but I'll post a picture when I do finish.


    [What you see here is the glue face, but I flipped the image in Photoshop so you can see what the show face will look like.]

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Marquetry morning glory 1.jpg 
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Name:	Marquetry morning glory 2.jpg 
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    Mike, that's insanely nice looking.
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    They are beautiful Mike
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    thats gonna be sharp mike..!! bleached trellis..
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    Lovely. Prefer the bleached trellis.

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    That looks great Mike! marquetry is one of the things I'd like to have a go at one day. I like the oak.

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    Looking good, Mike! I like the oak trellis.
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    Oak for me Mike. By the way nice work.....
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    Sweet work as usual Mike And one more vote for the oak...
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    I was going to say the oak, it really has some great definition. However after looking at it a few more times, the flowers really pop with the bleached version rather than blending in. Nice work on both though!

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