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Thread: Need/ Want handsaw

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    Need/ Want handsaw

    Ok I haven't figured it out yet, as to whether I need or want a handsaw, but I do. So how about a little help?

    I want a backsaw. Just for when I need to make that occasional straight cut that a power saw can't get too.

    I don't want to sale a kidney or take a loan out, but quality and a closed handle, would be nice. I looked at Lee Valley and really don't like the handles on the Veritas models. I like the Wenzloff Small Tenon Saw, but is that a good TPI and size for general all around use?
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    I don't recall the specs on the Wenzloff.

    I do like the one Veritas DT saw I have but it's not the end alll by a long shot.

    In regards to cost, one definite option from Wenzloff is to buy a saw plate with the teeth already ground, sharpened and set then make your own handle. Or make a new handle for the Veritas.

    The last option though, and my personal favorite, would be to rehab an older saw.

    As for ideal pitch and style for YOU really depends on what you want to do with it. So further details on materials and use would be helpful for that.

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    i would say either wenzolff kit or refurb one of the rusty pieces you have so much luck in finding as well steve..
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    Joel over at Tools for Working Wood just had a very timely post on this very subject. Check it out.
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    btw, if you go the refurbish route you might enjoy these two threads:

    Sorry they are on a different forum but they were easy for me to find

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    To take this in a different direction, you might consider a Japanese pull saw. Big box stores sell one for less than $20, they cut well, and after you get used to the feel, are pretty acurate. They have induction hardened teeth and can't be resharpened, but I have used mine for over two years and it still works well.

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