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Thread: Friday 5/25 Edition

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    Friday 5/25 Edition

    Once again, Friday has rolled around. Holiday weekend for some of us.

    So what's going on in your neighborhood?

    Myself, shop time I think. Need another load of gravel for a wife project. We have a heat wave going on, talking about maybe triple digits next few days. Sunday is 1100 miles of left turns, should be a good time. Cook outs and lots of food this weekend.
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    Friday: Doing a little work on our lawn equipment building to prepare it for painting. Mow the lawn.

    Saturday: A little shop time working on items for our bathroom remodel.

    Sunday: Like Steve said, 1100 miles of left turns - hope we don't get dizzy!

    Monday: Hopefully, a do-nothing day!!!
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    working on the cradle, working on the chess board, still looking for work.
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    Semi-annual flea market at Brownville, NE this weekend. Last time I went I scored a No. 8 Bailey for 20 bucks! Hoping for a good find again. Supposed to be mid to upper 90's so I'll be staying in the shade.

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    Painting, painting and more painting....

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    Good friend in town tonight for a few cold ones. Tomorrow the wife leaves for a girls weekend so I will play single dad. Sunday having my parents and sister's family over for BBQ and birthday party for my dad before they leave for a long planned trip to AK. Monday rest and relaxation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Southwood View Post
    We have a heat wave going on, talking about maybe triple digits next few days.
    It was 62 and sunny yesterday, with a cool breeze. Definitively shorts and tee shirt weather. But the next couple of days, it is climbing to 72. When it gets hot like that, I just don't have much desire to do much. Probably just plan out my next couple of honey-do projects, with some shop remodel planning thrown in for my sake. If the heat wave does not do me in, I might sneak out with the clubs. I keep them hidden in the truck and just claim I am running to Lowes for supplies. Although it is hard to explain why it took 4 hours, since Lowes is only 5 minutes away.
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    suffering with a bad back, but Im going to try to get some kitchen work in my sons home with his help.

    Im basically trapped where I live, with the big weekend, and all the beaches near me, traffic becomes a nightmare.
    I cant go in any direction this weekend, from yesterday to monday evening.
    I have to drop my daughter at the airport late this afternoon, and Im already disgusted knowing the traffic we are going to have.
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    Probably mow tonight, however it's been raining here and suppose to hit the 90's, so I may swim tonight and mow when it's cooler tomorrow morning.

    Have a friend coming over tomorrow that is moving to LA in a few weeks, so going to hang with him by the pool and do some bbq'ing. May do some outdoor movies too to watch from the pool.

    Sunday I need to pickup some plywood and start building road cases for the new photo booth.

    Monday I plan to make a trip down to the cemeteries with some fresh flowers from the garden.

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    Shelly and I will be heading to western Md to a Victorian Mennonite restraint and hotel , Sunday I get to hear Keith Castell preach in a appellation back woods church he was asked to preach at. Keith is a Gideon and travels to the out back churches. Keith is the gun builder who tough me 30 years ago to build Flint locks.
    I am looking forward to spending Sunday with a old friend and his wife.
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