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Thread: This question has to do with mounting a lathe

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    This question has to do with mounting a lathe

    This question has to do with mounting a lathe

    The lathe I want has cast legs but the center height is 44 7/8" - 45" & I need approximately 41" & I want the underside of the lathe wide open for cleaning purposes & I want to be able to have a cabinet for tools, chucks & sharpening etc. on castors to roll underneath it. I am thinking of making ends 24" front to back & the height necessary to to achieve 41" out of steel reinforced concrete with a cross brace on the back this will leave the lathe open underneath & should add plenty of weight.

    Now for the question how do I figure the weight? The lathe is about 500 lbs. factory weight with factory legs I'd like to get somewhere between 700-800 lbs.
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    The concrete is going to weigh in the neighborhood of 135 to 150 pounds per cubic foot, so just come up with a design that has enough cubic feet in it to meet your weight goal.
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    Vaughn nailed it. Doesn't take a lot of concrete to get to the weight you want. BTW, 500 pounds is a lot already. Do yer thing and don't sweat numbers. Pic mandatory when done.
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