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Thread: 1st suspended attempt

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    bethel springs TN, but was born and raised in north east PA

    1st suspended attempt

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	001 [800x600].JPG 
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ID:	67705Click image for larger version. 

Name:	004 [800x600].JPG 
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ID:	67706Not finished yet,as it still needs to be glued and more lacquar,wax, and buff,or any changes i think might need. Woods are black gum, walnut,cherry, and oak burl. thanks and let me know what else this thing needs.

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    Put a test tube in the hole, then put a rose and water in the test tube, then put it on the Executive Secretaries desk or on the desk of the boss. Vola! Success! Can't go wrong!


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    I think Jim said it all, great looking piece Steve.

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    Beautiful piece Steve.
    Bernie W.

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    Very cool, Steve. I could only hope my first attempt at a suspended piece was this nice. The vessel is nicely done, but the stand really stands out to me. (No pun intended.) As I mentioned elsewhere, my eye keeps trying to level out the vessel, but I'm not sure how you'd go about re-positioning it now. Great job overall.
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    Stephen, i really like all your work.

    The first thought i had seeing this piece was that of abstract pipe.

    I like it just the way it is.:thumbup:

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    steve, i too wanted to straighten the vessel. how did you do the inlay on the stand? just had a idea, if you moved the vessel point of connection down the side of the vessel the center line of the vessel would be straightened if thats possibly now. but looks sharp as is.
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    Nicely done, Steve! I agree with what Jim said about a flower. Also, I guess my eye wants to see a little something in the opening opposite the vessel - may sound corny, but maybe a scrollsawn butterfly?
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    Sometimes art is supposed to challenge you 'eye'. I love it, Steve. Let it be.

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    bethel springs TN, but was born and raised in north east PA
    Thanks all. As far as putting something on the other side, i thought of that but don't think it would be what i had invisioned. Larry the inlay was done the old fashion way, scribed the pieces out, that i had cut on the bandsaw. Then took a Straight gouge and cleaned it up .Went about 1/4" deep. As far as the tilt hadn't seen it till it was pointed out. All in all i'm pleased with this for a first.

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