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Thread: Margo's Box.....Got payment today:)

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    Margo's Box.....Got payment today:)

    well its been awhile, and since vaughn drugded up some old spinny stuff. i figured i should try to even the score on the flat side this was a fine example of how Sketchup, thanks to Dave Richards saved time and allowed things to be changed prior to the wood being cut and saved a lot of gas and phone costs. see this was for my youngest daughter's little one "Margo" and she is about 10 months old and loves to be read to, and then plays with the pretty cloth books or the others as well.. so "mitch" scratched the beginning look and sizes and then i drew it up in sketchup and realized it was way outa proportion and to top heavy with the narrow base she had. so we changed it up and sent off a jpg for her to see after the changes had been made.. got the approval and began the cutting. as i got started i realized i could get more width and use the material better so we got more base width to better support the thing in vertical mode, but this was to be used horizontal as well so that made things more interesting.. needed to have some supports so that it wouldnt be laying on the side completely. so we made some special trim to solve the problem and allow for a common look either way it was to be used. so just some regular red oak sides and shelves and lacquer finish with a ply back.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Book case-shellys-SKP.jpg 
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ID:	67710 electrons cut before wood

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	book case-shelly 001.jpg 
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Name:	book case-shelly 002.jpg 
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Name:	book case-shelly 003.jpg 
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    Looks great Larry! Nice Job & clean lines!

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    Margo is so lucky to have you as her grandpa.
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    Nice looking shelf unit Larry Neat that it can be used horiz and vert

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    That bead around the outside adds a really nice touch.

    You're right about sketchup and helping with narrow down final design. My wife doesn't visualize very well, so I've used it many times to even mock up an entire room to verify fit and continuity with the room.

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    Great work, Larry! I like the detail you added around the outside. I'm sure it will be appreciated, especially since Grandpa made it!
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    Great bookshelf Larry i also join the choir saying the beading molding adds a nice detail.

    Just something i learnt on this side if the ocean to be considered with a tall bookshelf is a tip bracket at the top. Saved my brats when they were younger and tried climbing the bookshelf shelves.

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    good 'un ol son!
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    Does this explain the fairly recent questions about dado depth or was that another project altogether? Such a well organized shop from what I can see in the background! Very nice!
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    Hi Larry,

    The shelf unit looks great.
    Your shop looks great. I hope you have prospective customers visit it.

    I am glad that SketchUp is working for you. Glenn sure likes it. You have a good "eye" and SU allows you to demonstrate that.


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