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Thread: Simple elm HF

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    Simple elm HF

    After the last one wanted to do something quick and simple.This was ruffed out the same time the one with the arrow head on it that i showed.So it was real dry,but had warped quite a bit.Thought it might of cracked during drying,but even with the knots it didn't. Any way it's 5x6 1/2,finish is teak oil,followed by lacquar,wax, and buffed.Click image for larger version. 

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    I am glad you kept the form simple and let the wood speak. Very nice.
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    Sa-weet! Great job on this one, Steve.
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    Really nice piece. I like the form and voids.
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    Very nice Steve, i really like it alot

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    Very Well Done Steve!
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    That is a beautiful piece... I like the way elm turns and looks when finished... too bad I lost most of the elm I had stacked in the back of my shop... 50' tall tree about 24" diameter just rotted 'cause I couldn't turn fast enough.
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