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Thread: I Like Dogs...It's the Owners I Hate

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    I Like Dogs...It's the Owners I Hate

    I was walking Sasha (my dog) yesterday evening an hour or so before sunset, and as we were walking along the sidewalk, a large (unleashed) Rottweiler came running from the side of a house, and immediately started getting into it with Sasha. There was the typical body checking and positioning to show dominance, and pretty soon the Rott was biting Sasha on the back. As this was going on I was yelling at the dog to back off while trying to pull Sasha away and get my stun gun flashlight out of my back pocket. Sasha backed out of her nylon choke collar, but a couple of seconds later I did manage to give the Rott a brief zap in the back with the stun gun to get her to let go of Sasha. (I'd have given her more but she was trying to get away from me.) By then Sasha was headed down the street, the Rott was circling me trying to figure out who to chase, and I was swinging the collar on the end of the leash trying to whip the dog with it to keep her away (while yelling a stream of obscenities that'd make a sailor proud). She soon had enough and trotted back up her driveway and into the back yard, and about then, the owner came out with a puzzled look on his face, asking what was going on. I told him his dog had just jumped mine, and his first response was to ask where the dog was. I told him she'd headed to the back yard, and then he said "Oh, she's friendly...she won't hurt you." "DUDE, SHE WAS BITING MY DOG!!!" He apologized, and asked if my dog was OK. Fortunately, she was fine, just a bit shaken up. I wasn't really in the mood to chat, so I gathered up Sasha and we headed home.

    I've always liked Rottweilers a lot, and will continue to like them, but I want to bitch-slap owners who don't keep their animals under control. Especially dogs that have the potential of messing me or my dog up.

    Another thing that makes me mad is the fact that ever since she was jumped by a Pit Bull at the park a few months ago, Sasha has gotten extra defensive around other dogs, which of course sends out the wrong message to the other dogs, making them want to be more aggressive. She used to be very well socialized with other dogs, but now she's skittish and tends to get her hackles up quickly when she meets another dog. All because some idiot at the park didn't think the leash laws applied to him and his dog.
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    Two 'friendly' free roaming rotts came into our yard and grabbed our cat. After twenty five hundred dollars worth of vet care the poor thing died. I resisted the urge to shoot the dogs and their owner. Managed to have the dogs declared dangerous and they were restricted to cages, muzzles and short leashes. The owner showed no remorse and refused to pay the vet bill. I had to resist other urges....they finally moved out of the neighborhood. I know how you feel.

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    There's a reason we live way out here in the desert...

    Much easier to deal with rattlesnakes than bad dog owners.

    I feel for Sasha, that's not something she needs...
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    Glad Sasha wasn't hurt. I'd probably have tased the owner.

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    The stupid old woman with the nasty little dog who bit me last year still lets the dog go at me anytime she comes near me while walking her dog, I have to tuck tail and run each time, because if I do anything else, I'm the aggressive mean foreign guy picking on the old lady and her cute little dog, it is a lose-lose situation for me, the old lady's son, about my age, came to the shop one night drunk threatened me in front of the whole shop, he works for the Japanese Self Defense force (talk about a punch line to a joke) and basically the cops cannot touch him and he knows it. Thus I just avoid the stupid old lady and her dog as well as the son. I have come to loath dogs and their owners here in Tokyo, we pick up piles of pooh from in front of our house and shop at least twice a week. Really don't get me started......

    Vaughn your restraint is amazing, I would have been calling 911 on that guy in a heartbeat!

    I feel really bad for Sasha, you too!
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    Irresponsible pet owners are the problem...not the pets....

    There are something like 13 cats in our surrounding neighborhood. None of the owners have flower gardens. Care to guess where those cats choose to find a latrine?

    The owners typical statement is "They are cats. They don't create a problem." I like to have the owners cleanout my flowerbeds every couple weeks and tell me they aren't a problem.

    I agree with your Vaughn. You and Sasha have my sympathy!

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    Ken...we had the same problem until about 2 years ago when i bought some coyote urine and a couple of those solar powered varmit resonators or whatever they mo poo

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    Close call Vaughn. Glad Sasha came away unscathed. My little guy got 32 staples in his side when a rottie decided to use him as a chew toy. The neighber was right there it all happened in the blink of an eye and the neighbor paid for the vet bills and never had his dog loose in the yard after that, but not an experience I ever want to see one of my dogs go through again. My wife and I took turns sleeping on the kitchen floor with him for over a month before his nightmares went away.
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    I had a similar experience years ago. The dog owner paid the vet bills for my dog.
    I agree, owners who don't control their dogs need to be smacked
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    its the same thing as people who constantly drink and drive and have 20 license suspensions.
    people plain old dont give a darn.
    Yeah, theyll pay the vet bills, because they dont want to be sued or have problems with neighbors, but they still shouldnt own an animal domestically they cant control or dont take enough care to make sure the animal wont harm other animals or worse, humans.
    Hit them with 5000 dollar fines for their pet attacking another person, see how fast they wake up.
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