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Thread: Your Views on Chiroprators Please

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    Your Views on Chiroprators Please

    Seeing Dave's thread about feeling no pain made me want to get ya'lls opinion on chiroprators. A few months ago, that nagging pain in my upper left back I'd had for a few years got real painful and then my fingers and part of my arm went numb occasionally. I went to my regular doc for something else and mentioned the pain. They told me it was probably muscle spasm and to let them know if it got worse. Well it did, the numbness was almost constant and the pain was bad. The doc was stumped so they ordered 2 MRI's on my shoulder.

    The day after the MRI I went to my parents chiro and he took a quick xray, used some nerve analysis thing and felt around on my back. He told me he is almost positive he can help, needed to review the xrays and would call the next day. He called and said he can fix it and he can start treatment right away. That same day my chiro has shown me the xrays and how my neck is basically straight with no curve to it. This is causing major pinching of the disk and nerves in several places, "Your neck is really messed up" he says, but we can fix that. If I don't try and fix it I'm looking at neck fusion surgery within 5-7yrs. Meanwhile I'm still waiting to hear back about the MRI. 3 days later, the I get a call from my doctor's office and they tell me I have arthritis in my neck and cortizone injections might help but nothing else. By that time, I've seen the chiro 4 times and the numbness is gone, the pain is much less. It's been 2wks now and next week I get xrayed again to see how much the neck has moved back to where it needs to go...I'm happy, very happy and almost pain free. The only thing that I'm not happy with is that the copay for chiro's on my insurance is $35 a pop! My regular doc is only $10, and I do like them a lot but they were no help at all with this, but they were able to bill my insurance for 2 MRI's and 2 doctor visits...

    I'm a true believer in chiropractors now and that's my story...anyone else?
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    My regular doc is a DO, so he will crack my back if I ask and cover it under my co-pay.

    My wife was going to a chiropractor for a while when she fell and hurt her lower back. After 4 visits, she still could hardly move and had a MRI scheduled, keeping in mind that insurance wasn't covering the visits. We went to the regular doc also after a few days, and said we didn't need to but to go ahead and do the MRI it was just going to cost us money, he was betting on a swollen disk. He gave her a slight adjustment, gave her some pain pills, and said she'd be better in two weeks. We did the MRI, cost about $500 out of pocket, was a swollen disk and she was better in two weeks. She wouldn't have made it through those two weeks without the pain pills, which the chiropractor couldn't prescribe. Not knocking your chiropractor, just stating all chiropractors are not the same, so check around if one isn't making you feel better quickly.

    Glad you're feeling better Jeff.

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    I think they have their place.

    The problem with any medical person.....MD, DO or chiropractor......they are human....they make their mistakes........some are better than others......

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    My doctor has told me that he can't think of any reason to go to a chiropractor. In some cases they can do more damage than good. Yet some people go to them on a regular basis
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    I know some people who swear by their chiropractors, and others who swear at them. I used to work with a bunch of people who were philosophically (and religiously) opposed to medical doctors, but they thought chiropractors were the best thing since their "beloved leader". (I'll stop there to avoid going over the CoC limits.)

    With the hardware i have in my lower back, I don't intend to let a chiropractor do anything to me. On the other hand, my sister recently got a lot of relief in a few visits with a chiro.

    And anecdotally, Phil Brennion (a well-regarded woodturner and teacher) died recently as the result of a long-term disability and paralysis that was originally caused by a chiropractor's mistake. As Ken said, some are better than others.
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    My 'regular' doctor recommended that I try a chiropractor. I went to the one he uses, figuring if the Doc liked him, I would, too. That was about six years ago, and now I go about once a month. My co-pay is $24.70, and it's well worth it to me.

    I have collapsed discs at L4 & L5, and the adjustments help, as well as does the traction therapy after the adjustments. FWIW, the chiropractor suggested trying orthotics in my shoes. I popped about $200 for the first set, and they didn't seem to do much for my back, but a chronic knee problem I'd had for over ten years suddenly went away.

    I recommend my chiropractor highly, but I have heard some real quackery stories about several others.
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    I think it is one of those things, that if you think it helps, then it helps. I go about every 6 months or so. He never reschedules another appointment. He tells me, come back when I need him. My BIL, goes once a week, it's like clockwork. For 20 some years he has had a backache. He won't go no where but the chiro. After those many years, I do believe I would explore my options. I will admit my BIL is some what of a "Always something wrong" kind of person.
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    jeff another vote for a good one, i have had the numbness and that pain you mentioned, it was so bad that i couldnt hang on to a glass with my right hand, and you know i have a grip, the one old chrio fixed it without surgery, but a bad one messed up a problem area causing it to be where it was.. i have other back problems as well, and went to a new one 6 months ago, she didnt help but the theraputic massage did.. so use one that you have good reviews on and try to stay away from the fusion, its not the answer..once your fused if anything else goes wrong your done..
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    my father saw his chiropractor religiously, including weekends and holidays, but he never had relief too long.
    I saw one once, and coc prevents me from really saying what I think of him.
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    For years, I would pull my neck regularly. Just rolling over in bed could pull it. No help from the medical Dr. Visited the Chiropractor, and after a month of regular adjustments, no more constant neck pulls. Now, like Steve, I just go by when I feel the need. One visit I mentioned that I had been having stuffy nose or allergies for years - as soon as I got over one cycle, another would start. The Chiro performed a skull adjustment ("jar lid") and something in my sinus popped - no more constant runny nose. When he moved, it took a while for him to recommend a replacement - you have to be really careful when choosing a Chiropractor. I only try a new Chiro after a recommendation from another "good" one.

    My wife has some damage due to car accidents, and sees our Chiro regularly (as she needs it) If she skips a month or so, she pays for it.

    My Mom has had back trouble for years, but the Chiropractor told her that he could not help her condition and should consider the surgery that was recommended by her Dr.

    Chiropractors have a place, but they do not replace your MD, Surgeon, etc. The good ones know their strengths and limitations - and practice accordingly.

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