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Thread: Ouch

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    Well I was working at my Dad's combination Jointer/Table-saw they are close together (to close for comfort) & run by a common motor . I using the jointer & it is crowded so I was standing behind & a little to the right of the jointer & as I moved my right hand came into contact with the table-saw blade. just nicking the index finger nail inside edge & getting the middle finger about where a pencil would rest when writing & the ring finger at the left side of the nail. The fingers work ok the Dr. says I may lose a little feeling in the middle finger tip the nerves can be operated on but it probably wouldn't get the results we are looking for.

    After thought it would pay to roll the TS blade down when running the jointer.

    Pics not good but here they are.
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    Ouch is right, but glad it wasn't worse than it was Bart.

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    Ouch is right. My TS is a stand alone and I still retract the blade when not using the saw. Just the way I was taught
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    No need for good pictures. The description was enough. Hope it heals fast and you get full sensation back.
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    Oh man were you lucky to come away with a minor cut

    Glad it wasn't worse
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bart Leetch View Post
    ...After thought it would pay to roll the TS blade down when running the jointer...
    I came here to say that, but you beat me to it.

    I'm with Don...whenever the tablesaw blade isn't spinning or in the process of being set up to spin, it's retracted. When I'm done cutting, I'm usually cranking it back down before the blade is even done spinning. By keeping the blade down all the time, I don't risk dinging me, the blade, the fence, or any materials that happen to be placed on the tablesaw.

    Heal quickly, Bart.
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    heal quickly Bart and hope you dont get that close again..
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    I agree on the ouch and am very glad it wasn't worse. Whew! Heal up quick and well. As to Don's comment; I'm also a 'lower the blade when not in use' guy. I think we'll have to blame my dad for drumming that one into me. I have cut myself brushing spoil off the saw top when the stopped blade was up. It is a great, if unwelcome, reminder of just how well our cutters cut.
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    having an encounter similar, getting 11 stitches, and a life long reminder, all i can say is owie-owie-owie-owie-owie-owie!!! heal quick young man.
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    Ouch that sucks! Hopefully you heal well/quickly!

    Great reminder to put the blade down (lower the guard on the bandsaw, etc...), its sure easy to get in a hurry and "just this once it'll be fine".

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