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Thread: a little eye candy

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    a little eye candy

    I sold some red oak and don't you know I had to move a stack to get to it and this is what was on top. It's quartersawn red oak I cut awhile ago. This was straight through the pith so I'll have to rip the pith out when I decide to use it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	67955Click image for larger version. 

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    Oh the pith just wreaks that board, I think you should send it straight to me, I'll get rid of it for you.....
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    Some of my favorite eye candy great board is that the only one or are there more?

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    Here's another shot of a different board Tom.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	67989 I have around 50 bd/ft of the quartered stuff and about 100 bd/ft rift sawn. I've got the butt log still yet to saw. It's an 8 footer by about 30 inches at the small end. I'm going to quarter it also.

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    Yikes! those ugly patches on that board. Shipping it to Stu will cost you a bundle. Best if you send it to me and I will properly dispose it.
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    no tom he has to much of it i got to see it when i was there,, its some sweet looking wood for sure..john when you cut the butt log take and do the gtr method where you make a octagon out of the log to get more grt leaves you with a beveled edge but you get better gtr sawn or more of it at least..
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    For anyone interested I use method 1 on this page to quarter saw. I get all rift or quartered lumber this way.

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