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Thread: MM20 band tensions

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    MM20 band tensions

    Morning all,

    Could someone give me some tension numbers for Timberwolf AS 1/2" bands for my saw. Currently I have it at 15,000 psi. Running this tension, am I setting myself up for early band failure?

    Also for Sam if he reads this, the blades that were sent to me by Dane, one 1" and two 1/2" blades, what tensions should these be run at.

    I absolutely love my new BS. Cut 16" of wet maple like a knife thru hot butter.

    The saw was very intimidating at first. But quickly got used to it. :P


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    I may be oversimplifing this (something I'm NOT known for!), but when I installed my new blades on my new MM20 I simply tightened the tension until I saw no wobble to the blade, attempted a cut, and if it was not satisfactory, tightened a bit more, repeated this until I was pleased with the cuts. Make absolutely sure you set your fence up for drift using the 'cut-the-straight-line-by-hand-and-stop-the-motor-and-then-holding-the- wood-in-place-move-the-fence-to-align-with-it' approach. I then put a piece of masking tape overtop the factory scale and marked where the tension meter was so the next setup was easy for that blade. I am still only using the three blades included with the purchase of my MM20.

    I am in no way an expert, but someone still fumbling around in my new 'dream shop.'
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    sorry roger, in my years runnin` saws i never have checked the tension using any kind of was only after discovering woodworking forums that i found out that some folks actually use the little plastic pointer on a bandsaw ......i still have no use for gauges and such.........if memory serves correctly timberwolf suggests using the "flutter" method for tensioning their blades? i prefer plucking the blade `till it sounds right......not much help over the net.....sorry! tod
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